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Frequently Asked Questions

Our studio would like to build on the reviews and reputation before we increase pricing later. Because we are new to Fiverr, we will go above and beyond to make the best-version-possible branded dropshipping store for you!

Yes! We will only add winning products that are proven to work but not too saturated in the market. We do research on winning products from various tools including software like droppoint, platform like Facebook ads library, AliExpress dropshipping centre, AdSpy etc.

Yes, a complimentary logo is included with the store no matter which plan you choose.

There will be several questions sent to you after you place the order but it can be completed in 5 mins. We will need your name and email to transfer the store, and if you have a preference for the store name, please let me know:)

Definitely! Shoot us a message if you have any questions, and we will try our best to share professional E-Commerce/Dropshipping advice with you.

We are a design agency that specializes in Shopify stores. We use science to build and grow e-commerce/online businesses! There will be a transition document provided for you after the store is set up, so you are not left with the store wondering what to do next!